We provide legal assistance to our clients in the complete range of commercial contracts and trading arrangements. Our specialist lawyers have thorough experience in dealing with all types of agreements for national and international businesses. In our advisory capacity during drafting, commenting and negotiating stages we aim that the agreements of our clients achieve long and productive relationships with their counterparties.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Standard Terms of Business
  • International Trade and Sale-Purchase Agreements
  • Agency, Distribution, Franchising, Manufacture and Supply Contracts
  • Purchasing and Procurement Agreements
  • Facilities Management and Outsourcing Arrangements

We offer expert legal services to the freight, transport, logistics and warehousing industries both on the operation and insurance sides, including dispute resolution, cargo insurance, policy issues and recoveries, liability claims of freight forwarders, carriers, warehouse keepers and general transportation advice.

Employment related questions occur in the heart of every transactional assignments and in the daily operation of industrial enterprises. The Labour Law team supports our corporate lawyers seamlessly with respect to issues in M&A and joint venture transactions and provide case specific legal advice to our clients, also on a retainer basis.

Generally, we advise employers regarding employment related rights, fringe benefits, fulfillment of procedural requirement on contractual and statutory matters such as drafting and negotiating employment-related documents, advising on labour law governance, disputes, disciplinary schemes, staff exit strategies, post termination restrictions and employee-related effects of company restructurings.

As a result of legal affairs with third parties in the course of routine operations, companies may face hidden liabilities arising from contractual obligations, failure to comply with mandatory regulations or taxation. We offer our expert opinion on determination of such risks and how to mitigate them by proposing key solutions.

Our legal risk management services involve:

  • Identification of risks in legal affairs
  • Determination on the degree of any negative impact
  • Formulation of plans to balance and resolve the problems
  • Creation of strategies and practical legal solutions for the issues before or after their occurrence